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Zane Barratt

Zane Barratt is running or walking for the Tsleil-Waututh Nation Solar Power Project.

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Zane Barratt

Zane Barratt

Message me for a free album. If you support great climate race solar power projects I will give you any of my albums. Looking to harness the sun! Direct action that leads by example, no more waiting for politics to catch up!

Zane has raised $100.00 for the Tsleil-Waututh Nation Solar Power Project.

Activity Diary

Total distance run:

25/09/18 4:57 pm: Sun Ra

Distance: 13.02km
Funds raised: $10.00

10/09/18 11:51 am: Rainy Day Run

Distance: 9.9km
Funds raised: $0.00

16/08/18 6:44 pm: dundas trot

Distance: 13.91km
Funds raised: $9.09

12/08/18 5:24 pm: #Solar

Distance: 10.23km
Funds raised: $10.23

28/05/18 3:39 pm: Afternoon Run

Distance: 16.67km
Funds raised: $33.34

23/05/18 5:41 pm: Evening Run

Distance: 17km
Funds raised: $4.48

05/05/18 7:58 pm: Solar power

Distance: 15.52km
Funds raised: $15.52

Zane's cause

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Tsleil-Waututh Nation Solar Power Project

Help The Tsleil Waututh Nation Build a Large Solar Power Project!

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