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Ben West

Ben West is running or walking for the Tsleil-Waututh Nation Solar Power Project.

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Ben West

Ben West

We need to speed up the transition beyond fossil fuels. I'm happy to have a way to do something good for my health and for the health of the planet at the same time. I plan to run or walk about 20km a week. Donation will be processed at the end of July. So if you want to support be with a donation per kilometer set the total amount and then decide how much to contribute per km based on approximately 100km total (ex $1 per km for a total of up to $100).

Ben has raised $1,400.00 for the Tsleil-Waututh Nation Solar Power Project.

Activity Diary

Total distance run:

10/12/18 2:25 pm: A walk in the neighborhood
A walk in the neighborhood's logo

Distance: 1.45km
Funds raised: $0.00

06/12/18 2:09 pm: Another day another walk

Distance: 2.78km
Funds raised: $0.00

05/12/18 7:46 am: Walk to brunch and back :)

Distance: 2.7km
Funds raised: $0.00

03/12/18 10:48 am: Lunch Run

Distance: 2.45km
Funds raised: $0.00

01/12/18 11:21 am: Exploring

Distance: 2.39km
Funds raised: $0.00

17/11/18 1:07 pm: Afternoon Run

Distance: 3.9km
Funds raised: $0.00

04/11/18 7:54 am: Morning Run

Distance: 5.36km
Funds raised: $0.00

30/10/18 2:32 pm: Afternoon Run

Distance: 9.6km
Funds raised: $0.00

28/10/18 2:22 pm: Afternoon Run

Distance: 4.79km
Funds raised: $7.26

24/10/18 3:09 pm: Afternoon Run

Distance: 5.96km
Funds raised: $29.78

22/10/18 5:52 pm: Evening Run

Distance: 0.09km
Funds raised: $0.43

13/10/18 7:28 pm: Night Run

Distance: 0.81km
Funds raised: $4.06

02/10/18 6:30 pm: Wow that's a weird map...

Distance: 3.25km
Funds raised: $16.26

22/09/18 9:14 am: Lunch Run

Distance: 1.25km
Funds raised: $6.24

19/09/18 5:10 pm: Evening Run

Distance: 3.32km
Funds raised: $16.58

18/09/18 3:53 pm: Afternoon Run

Distance: 1.89km
Funds raised: $9.46

07/09/18 11:24 am: High Park! :)

Distance: 4.25km
Funds raised: $21.27

05/09/18 8:35 am: Morning Run

Distance: 1.26km
Funds raised: $6.30

30/08/18 2:34 pm: Afternoon Run

Distance: 4km
Funds raised: $23.41

28/08/18 3:43 pm: High Park... Every day!

Distance: 4.85km
Funds raised: $29.09

20/07/18 1:26 pm: Walk with my mom :)

Distance: 4.55km
Funds raised: $45.54

17/07/18 7:17 pm: Evening Run

Distance: 7.31km
Funds raised: $73.10

14/07/18 2:41 pm: Checking out the local beach

Distance: 3.48km
Funds raised: $41.74

13/07/18 3:23 pm: Family walk

Distance: 2.98km
Funds raised: $35.77

09/07/18 5:44 pm: Ben vs treadmill

Distance: 3km
Funds raised: $36.00

03/07/18 7:01 pm: Hogg's Hollow walk

Distance: 1.76km
Funds raised: $19.32

29/06/18 11:16 am: It's gotting hot out there

Distance: 5.54km
Funds raised: $0.00

28/06/18 2:56 pm: Afternoon walk with family

Distance: 4.64km
Funds raised: $0.00

27/06/18 4:11 pm: Evening walk with Momma

Distance: 4.65km
Funds raised: $0.00

26/06/18 10:51 am: Lunchtime walk with mom

Distance: 4.58km
Funds raised: $0.00

20/06/18 5:08 pm: A little walk in North York

Distance: 2.56km
Funds raised: $2.56

09/06/18 2:53 pm: Walk to dinner in #NYC

Distance: 6.06km
Funds raised: $6.06

07/06/18 1:30 pm: Sherwood Park! Toronto!!!

Distance: 3.45km
Funds raised: $3.45

27/05/18 1:06 pm: Ancient Cedar Loop trail

Distance: 1.23km
Funds raised: $1.23

26/05/18 2:47 pm: Long Beach!!!

Distance: 1.5km
Funds raised: $1.50

25/05/18 10:31 am: Cathedral Grove

Distance: 1.63km
Funds raised: $1.63

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